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Nothing happens when i start program in windows after deploying

  • Hello

    I have a QML program which I need to deploy. I have used windeployqt and given the path to the qml directory. After that it still needed QtCharts so I copied that as well to the deploy directory. When I run it in QtCreator it works perfect. When I try to start my deployment nothing happens. No errors, no program, nothing in the task list, just nothing

    What am I'm doing wrong?

    ps. I have no problem when deploying non QML programs.

  • @AndersDK
    One can only guess of course, with no other data. One cause can be that path definitions for files that you are referencing are different when running from Qt Creator and when deployed.

    I have been through my first QML app deployment just last week, and I had a problem like yours, with no info whatsoever provided by the system.

    So the only way I found to debug that problem was to attach a console to my application, and use the good old qDebug() and console.debug() statements to print at various strategic places in my program.

    Maybe you could try the same.

    I'm sure there must be other methods to debug, maybe in Qt Creator itself, using the Attach to Unstarted application or Start and Debug External Application, which I haven't tried yet because it just dawned upon me that those options are available in Qt Creator...

  • Thanks for all the suggestion. I think I was just tired or maybe stupid. I set the QML dir to the QML folder in the qt installation, of cause it should be my project folder, now it works perfectly.

  • @AndersDK

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