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How to setFocus on two widgets at once

  • I need to have a widget exactly like Sublime Text menus, like the package control / theme menu.

    The QLineEdit can always be typed in and the list can always be scrolled as long as their parent widget is active. Is this possible in Qt?

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    well if u set list to Nofocus you can scroll it with mouse and keyboard focus stays with

  • Well its not ideal but I got it working.

    • ListView has noFocus policy.
    • If line edit has focus, re-implemented up and down arrows keys change index and selection of listview.
    • Line Edit change policy to clickFocus because otherwise the arrows keys cause it to get focus (undesirable).
    • connect ListView row clicked to accept and close events even if the menu wasnt focused.
    • Style listview selected:!active so it doesnt show two different colors on click

    I will post the code soon, I also want to try the classical QListWidget, it might be way simpler and should be faster?

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