qtbase CI failures

  • Hi guys,
    Is it normal for the CI to fail over and over again with false positives when building qtbase?
    I'm at the 9th attempt with one of my patches. I'm new to contributing so I don't really know if I should keep retrying or just wait for the CI to get fixed

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    @VRonin If the failure is not related to your patch, and there is no announcement on the mailing list that a branch is broken ATM, just keep trying. Maybe use the European night time when CI is not under full pressure.

    I know it's annoying, but 9 failures is not the record ;)

  • @aha_1980 said in qtbase CI failures:

    9 failures is not the record

    Now I'm curious. Is there an official record?

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    @VRonin You should ask on the development mailing list ;)

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