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QtCharts QCategoryAxis category label with 'smaller than' sign

  • Hi,

    I have a problem when I try to add a category label which has a 'smaller than' sign. It works with a greater than or equal sign, but not with the smaller than.

    The corresponding code is (uncomment the lines to try the corresponding sign in unicode notation):

    xAxis = new QtCharts::QCategoryAxis();
    (qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append("-1150 to -950", -950.0f);
    (qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append("-950 to -850", -850.0f);
    (qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append("-850 to -750", -750.0f);
    (qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append(QString::fromUtf8(">-750 or \u003C -1150"), -550.0f);
    //(qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append(QString::fromUtf8(">-750 or \u003D -1150"), -550.0f);
    //(qobject_cast<QtCharts::QCategoryAxis*>(xAxis))->append(QString::fromUtf8(">-750 or \u003E -1150"), -550.0f);

    When I use the smaller then sign, the label just stops before the sign (so the label is "->750 or "), with the other signs it shows correct (so the label is "->750 or > -1250" or "->750 or = -1150").

    Anybody has an idea why or has a workaround?


  • Moderators

    Hi @JanW,

    This sounds like a bug. Can you open a bug on JIRA with an example so that this can be investigated further? Thanks.

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