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Vulkan OpenGL interop

  • Hi,
    I want to do a vulkan openGL interop according to Jherico's example. I'm trying to do opengl rendering and than use the result in vulkan. I'm trying to use a QVulkanWindow and VulkanWindowRenderer. The trouble is that before the startNextFrame() method the swapchain image is already acquired and the semaphore for this is used up. In startNextFrame() you are in the middle of recording the command buffer that is waiting for that semaphore so you could do the transition there but then you would need to just end and submit the command buffer here and schedule a next one (the vulkan rendering) after it but before presenting the image. Sadly the frameReady() method does it all and the key things like swapchain and such are in private implementation.
    Is there a clean way to do this other than to basicaly write the whole QVulkanWindowPrivate functionality myself?

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