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setDragMode not working when I use setSceneRect for the QGraphicsView

  • I am using "setSceneRect" to disable the autoscaling when I drag and drop items to the view.

    but when I use it I am not able to navigate through the scene using mouse dragging.
    What am I missing and if there is a suggestion of how to get the behavior needed?

    those are the 2 lines of code used for setting the scene and allowing DragMode:

    this->setDragMode(QGraphicsView::ScrollHandDrag	);

    the output is that I am not able to navigate by mouse in the scene

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    Just a quick idea: what about disabling the scroll bars ?


  • I tried it but still, the problem exists.
    the workaround I am using right now is that I added some dummy invisible items to create an initial sceneRect without setting the sceneRect by my self so it's working but this is not a good practice at all, I need to know the right method for doing it.

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