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Low Resolution Qt when moving from low dpi to high dpi display

  • I do most of my development on my iMac in Qt whose monitor doesn't have that great of a resolution. However, I also have a high DPI MacBook pro which I also use every once in a while. Recently, I figured out how to use CPack to make my project redistributable and it works for the most part (have plugins and dynamic linking and everything). However, when I build the dmg on my iMac and then move it over to my MacBook pro, the resolution stays low despite me enabling high dpi scaling and high dpi pixmaps for the QApplication. Not only that, but for some reason the project itself does not build through the compiler in the higher resolution it used to on my MacBook (while pushing from my iMac to Git and then pulling to my MacBook). A screenshot of the resolution difference on my MacBook Pro is below. Upon further inspection, the application seems to switch back and forth, while running, between sharp pixel edges and blurred edges (but still not what I want)

    0_1535672192312_Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 7.22.35 PM.png

    My question is, is there some setting in a file that is limiting the rendering capabilities of my application on my MacBook? Again, I enabled high dpi scaling and high dpi pixmaps but I'm pretty lost on what else to try. Even when I edit the device pixel ratio it seems like the application is still using the iMac resolution despite having many more pixels to draw in to.

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    I guess you already did but did you check the High DPI chapter in Qt Documentation ?

    What version of Qt are you using ?

  • Yeah I looked around in the High DPI, but didn't find anything useful. I'm on Qt 5.11.1 on both computers. A possible solution I could see is to just build my applications on my MacBook, but I'd like to understand what exactly is the problem here. Even when running the code not built on the iMac but rather pulled from Git on my MacBook, it still uses the low resolution version. I'm going to make a new project (which hopefully won't be automatically low resolution) on my MacBook and completely move my application piece by piece into it.

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