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Attempting to add QLayout "" to myWidget "myWidget", which already has a layout

  • Hello friends.

    I am developing a interface to my program. I have some widget implemented. I am using Graphics form to develop the widget and always I place the objects with graphics layout, not with code.

    When I finish a new widget, I always use the option "Lay Out in a Grid" in the main QWidget to place all the objects in the middle ( With spacers in top,bot,left and right side) and keep the objects in the same place when i select the fullscreen.

    Now I have created a new widget, I did the same that in the others but i receive the message "Attempting to add QLayout "" to myWidget "myWidget", which already has a layout".


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    What's the base class of myWidget ? If it's a QMainWindow, then it already has a layout that does all the magic that you get with that class (dock widget, toolbars, etc.).

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    You're doing something like

    QWidget *w1 = new QWidget;
    QHBoxLayout *lay = new QHBoxLayout(w1);
    QHBoxLayout *lay2 = new QHBoxLayout(<whatever>);

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