Where can I get the missing QtLogo and Patch classes of "Hello GL" Example?

  • Where can I get the missing QtLogo and Patch classes of "Hello GL" Example?

  • What makes you think "QtLogo" is missing and there is a need for "Patch classes"?
    I have no problems building the Hello GL example.

    Maybe if you told us which version of Qt you are using, and on which platform, it would be easier to provide some useful help.

  • Tell me if I am wrong: I go to Qt 4.7 Home -> Examples -> Hello GL Example .There I have got 6 files with classes and headers.None of them contains Patch or QtLogo classes.May be I should look for the source files in a different location?


  • You can find them in the ../shared/qtlogo.[h,cpp] files. If you look at the .pro file, you can see that it uses ../shared for some (I guess) shared files.

  • Can you be so kind and point out where "/shared " is located ?Because I can't find it.Also searched the whole SDK installation directory fot qtlogo.cpp and found none.

  • The shared folder should be right next to the hellogl folder, in the opengl folder.
    I have it there on both my Windows and my Linux installations.

  • Are we talking about the same version of SDK? I have no opengl directory inside the SDK installation folder...

  • Well, you never told us which version you are using, nor which platform you are using it on.
    I'm using Qt Creator 2.3.0 with Qt 4.7.3 on Windows, and on Linux I'm using a fairly recently updated QtSDK with Qt Creator 2.3.0 and Qt 4.7.4.

  • I downloaded the SDK yesterday.So it is probably the latest one.I run Windows 7 64bit.

  • Seems like something is broken in that build, then. I don't use the SDK on Windows, because I need to build the Qt libraries myself, so things look a bit differently here. Don't think I can provide any more help on this, sorry...

  • Thanks for your help anyways.I will try to download the ZIP version of the SDK.

  • Yes! this is it .The zipped build contains all the source code for the examples.

  • this information we have been helpful thank you!

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