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Qt official build configuration for Windows?

  • Hello everyone,
    I just wonder where I can find the configuration (command line options) of official pre-build for Windows?

    I've tried to build Qt from source but it just doesn't work completely the same as the official build, so that I need the have a look at the pre-build configuration.

    Any ideas?

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    What isn't the same ?

    You can start from the CI Overview page.

    Then for a specific OS, you can check the corresponding builds like for example here.

  • Hi @SGaist ,
    thank you for the information.

    Currently I found 2 problems with my custom build:

    1. -openssl-runtime doesn't work. libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll won't get loaded.
      But after a little bit look at the CI configuration, I found that official builds are using openssl v1.0.2o, while I'm providing the v1.1.0 one, so I think this make the difference.
    2. -qt-freetype doesn't work.
      With the official build, I could add -platform windows:fontengine=freetype command line option to force Qt to create QWindowsFontDatabaseFT backend. But my custom build can't, QWindowsFontDatabase is always created.

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    What version of Qt are you building ? OpenSSL 1.1 support is available since Qt 5.10.
    What options are you using ?

  • @SGaist I tried both Qt 5.11.1 and 5.11.2 resulting the same problems.
    Here's my configuration:

    <PATH_TO_QT_SOURCE>\configure ^
     -opensource -confirm-license -release ^
     -qt-zlib -qt-freetype -opengl dynamic -openssl-runtime ^
     -nomake examples -nomake tests -skip qtwebengine ^
     -prefix "<PATH_TO_INSTALL>\5.11.2\msvc2017_64" ^

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    Where are you storing libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll when running your application ?

  • @SGaist they are both located in the same directory as the app exe. Also tried putting them in the qt installation bin directory, but it doesn't help.

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    Then a silly question, are you sure you have the support that has been properly built ?

  • @SGaist
    Finally I ended up with local deploying all the Qt binaries, Thank you for the help!

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