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Use QWebEngineView as a widget in QDockWidget, when the QMainWindow closed, the QWebEngine View can not be closed

  • I have QMainwindow as Mainwindow. In the MainWindow, there is a QQuickWidget and a QDockWidget. The QDockWidget is floating. And the QDockWidget is used for contain a QWebEngineView.
    When I close the MainWindow, the QWebEngineView can not be closed.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should add which version of Qt you are using, the platform you are running on as well as a minimal compilable example showing that behaviour.

  • @SGaist My Qt version is 5.11.1. My platform is win10, and use the qt vs plugin to complie.
    The QDockWidget is floatiing on the MainWindow. And the QWebEngineView is a child window in the QDockWidget, not CentralWindow in MainWindow.

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