Help with an app, please? Pretty simple problem I'd assume

  • Hello,

    I hate to come here and ask for assistance in building this app, especially considering how it easy it probably is. I'm taking an advanced CS/IS class in which we were asked to associate ourselves with a mobile app SDK of our choice, and I decided that this would probably be a good choice and set up a quick app (as I will explain below), however I can't seem to make it work in any way. I've looked at various examples and tutorials, and it feels very overwhelming. I have VERY basic knowledge with C++, and I don't need to learn it, but I would like to understand it.

    If anyone has a few spare minutes to help me set up an app, or rather, help me understand how it functions, then I would deeply appreciate it.

    What I'm looking to make is very simple, it's a list widget that resembles the Ovi Store. Basically, a featured menu with "featured" items, and then categories with every item in the desired list. I have been able to set up lists, but every time I try to create anything more it just seems to become.. well.. unwilling to work.

    In advance, thanks if you can help!

    I'm really not trying to get you guys to do my work, all I'm asking is pointers as to what makes it work. And quite frankly, I don't even know how to explain where I am in the process of making it myself, as I said, I only seem to be able to make the actual lists, but not connect them or anything.

  • I think you need to ask more detalized questions. With some code examples and more detailed information what you want and what doesn't work.

  • The app you are trying to make is really really complex. Just look at Nokia: they tried for 4 years to make a decent looking LIST for the Ovi Store and they are still working on it

  • @Cathryne: please explain us your problem with code snippets and samples. Is this applicaiton open source? If it is true maybe good the link to the sources too.


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