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How to populate GUI Dynamically based on different different option

  • I want to create a GUI in which for each option i can have different different setting option.
    As shown in the images when user goes to surface flaws option it has a different setting menu than it has for crack option what i cant understand is how to maintain to display these settings on the basis of option(defect) selected and maintain it so that when user comes back to previous option it is not resetted1_1534946283081_IMG_20180522_121139.jpg 0_1534946283081_IMG_20180522_121043.jpg
    2_1534946319881_IMG_20180522_121129.jpg 1_1534946319881_IMG_20180522_121120.jpg 0_1534946319881_IMG_20180522_121108.jpg

  • @vasu_gupta what about using QSettings to save the "view mode" the user selects?

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