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[SOLVED] If i intent not to have translations at my app should i remove tr()?

  • I am making a simple application and the texts are few so i have no intention on have translations for my app. Should i remove tr() from my texts or for reasons like you never know if your application become popular and you want to make the app translated to other languages leave it as it is?

  • It is always good to have the tr() exactly for the reasons you mentioned, however it's not really mandatory. Nothing will break if you do not use it. I don't use it in my application, as the target audience is generally english speaking and I have no troubles with the app so far.

  • My opinion (based on my experience)
    If you making app on non-Latin lang - good way are use tr() with english string constants and add translation for your language to resources and set is as default.

    Again, it's only my opinion.
    Just I'm not like (and afraid :)) sources with no-latin characters.

  • I always use tr() regardless of whether I translate the program or not (usually not). The very simple reason is that if I (or a product owner) should decide the program needs to be translated, it better be done sooner than later. tr() doesn't hurt and will only potentially save work later on.

  • Ok thanks.. I will stay with tr() :)

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