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[Solved] N950 writable folders

  • Hi, I have to manage some data to be written on files in the N950 environment. When the package is installed it is put in the folder
    I have configuration files that are included in the application that I put in a /data/ folder that I find on the device in
    The files that I will write at runtime - as logic suggest - maybe put in the
    Regardless that I know what is the application folder, I build the data folder path using a call to QApplication::applicationDirPath() as shown in the snippet below
    Is there a similar way to acquire the path of the current user folder where I can create my folders, save files etc. or I should use the string "/home/user/" as a constant ?

    Many thanks for any suggestion.

  • I think that QDir::homePath() should help you

  • Thank you Denis,

    now I will check what other parameters can be obatined from QDir. :)

  • @Denis: thanks, this is the right way. I can manage almost all the essential system folders and create new ones in the writable folders (user permissions).

  • I have a similar problem.
    my application contains a database that i should write in at runtime.
    but I always get the following message in the console.

    bq. "attempt to write a readonly database Unable to fetch row"

    I think it a problem of permissions.
    My application deployed to
    and the database deployed to

    I deployed it using the following lines in the pro file
    db.files = faces.db
    db.path = /home/user/myApplication/data
    INSTALLS += db

    So how could I make it writable for the user?

    Thanks in advance

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