[Solved] List files like QFileDialog

  • Hi,

    I have the "following":http://huxi.uw.hu/hidden/Qt/got.jpg (I know, it's bad :D) view. I would like to list the files I drag and drop / browse and add to the model like "this":http://huxi.uw.hu/hidden/Qt/want.jpg (with the option to switch detailed / normal mode). I was wondering if there was an easy way to achieve this. Currently I have my own subclass of QTreeView with drag and drop (the first, really bad looking one), and I tried to look for easy solutions (like QFileSystemModel), but none of them could achive this. So my questions are:

    1: Is there an easy way to achive this view, or
    2: How could I make the view look like the one in the picture (I mean the non-detailed list of files, the detailed is easy with QTreeView I guess, but I don't know how to make QListView have multiple columns like this).

    Thanks in advance!

  • You need using QListView class
    for detailed / normal mode you can change viewMode property:

    @enum QListView::ViewMode@

    QListView::ListMode -The items are laid out using TopToBottom flow, with Small size and Static movement
    QListView::IconMode - The items are laid out using LeftToRight flow, with Large size and Free movement

  • For a detailed view, yiou need a QTreeView or a QTableView.
    QFileDialog uses a QTreeView for detailed mode and a QListView for normalMode.

    Have a look at the implementation of QFileDialog to see, how it is done

  • Vass thank you, I have no idea how I slipped over that. That solved everything :)
    Thanks Gerolf for confirming my thoughts, and I've checked QFileDialog sources too, it works and looks perfect now.

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