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[Suggestion, Moved] Problem solving point system

  • Hey fellows,

    I was thinking about this: Every time the thread starter marks a thread [Solved], he/she could have the option to give one user points, who he/she thinks helped solving the problem the most. It would be just an option, not obligatory. Ofcourse the points given should reflect the hardness of the problem. So for easy questions you could only get 5-10 points (just an example), but for harder questions you could recive 40-50 points. We could maximize the max points someone could give out / recive a day (100 points maybee).
    When the thread starter thinks his quetion is answered, he could select from predefined scores (10,20,30,40,50 or something like that), but depending on his problem the maximum points would be maximized (e.g. depending on the words in his starter comment, the postcount in the topic, the post number of the questioner, etc...).
    I know that we're friendly and help each other out without this system, and you can get points if you really want without this, it would be just a little extra :)

    I tried to find if this was suggested before but didn't found anything, but if this was already asked then I'm sorry. Would love to hear your thoughts about this.


  • Hi HuXiKa,

    I know there already was a discussion on that some time ago, and it was said, that with the Q&A feature that will come sometime, a reward someone feature will come. How excatly it will work is unknown up to now.

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