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Qt version: From 4.4.3 to 4.6.2

  • Hi guys,

    I have my application which was done using Qt 4.4.3. Everything works perfectly.

    Now, I want to develop with the last Qt version. So I downloaded the last one (4.6.2) and I compiled it. Then I cleaned everything in my project, I changed the Qt path to build my project with the new version of Qt. The project is compiling/linking/executing. BUT because there is a but, the GUI behaviour of the application is not the same.


    • a) When the mouse is hovering a tab or a button, the tab/button is not highlighted (with 4.4.3 it was)

    • b) In a list view, I select an item, the item doesn't become highlighted.

    • c) In a text edit, I type and the letters are not showing up.

    I discovered that for b) and c), if I resize the window with the mouse then highlighted item and text is showing up.

    I precise that it's exactly the same project, same files and I just "disconnected" the 4.4.3 Qt version to use the 4.6.2.
    Signals and slots are working properly but not the GUI updates.

    Do you guys know where does it come from? What is happening?

    Is the GUI behaviour model different between 4.4.3 and 4.6.2 ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Bug fixed, nothing to do with Qt versions ...

    Mea culpa

  • so what had gone wrong?

  • It was a wrong events managment in a derivation class of QApplication, a conception error. I think, the bug just showed up at the same moment that I changed the Qt version. But there is nothing to do with version of Qt.

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