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QFileDialog not showing modified date in certain directories

  • I am having an issue where a user is not able to see date modified of files within certain directories in the file dialog on W10. This issue persists both with QFileDialog::getOpenFileName as well as making my own QFileDialog and using .exec(). I am setting the view mode to detail and the dialog opens up and correctly shows modified dates at first, but when browsed to certain directories the modified date is no longer shown. When the folder is opened in the W10 explorer, it shows modified date of files correctly. I tried searching for solutions elsewhere but I am lost as to how to fix this issue at this point.

  • @Simple893

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Which version of Qt are you using?

    AFAIK QFileDialog is based by default on native dialog of your OS. For windows 10 it shall use the native Windows 10 dialog then.

    Are you using special options with the call of QFileDialog?
    Best would be to give a short code snippet high-lighting how you are calling QFileDialog when the problem is showing.

  • @Simple893
    Are you or are are you not passing QFileDialog::DontUseNativeDialog? That's what determines whether you use the Windows native dialog or the Qt one.

    One guess: assuming you are using Windows native dialog, I think even if you specify a view mode like "detail", Windows allows individual directories to have their own personalized view mode saved and that might be why the display changes from directory to directory. Comparing against File Explorer (which is not a dialog) is not fair, instead try opening a file from, say, Notepad and see whether behaviour the same?

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