Constructor of a derived class

  • Dear all,

    I've defined a class Unh derived from Segment. The base class has a constructor Segment(QString str), and the derived class has a constructor Unh(QString str):
    In the header file:
    Unh(QString str);
    In the source file:
    Unh::Unh(QString str):Segment(QString str) { ... }
    I get the following error for the line in the source file while compiling:
    expected primary-expression before 'str'
    How can this error be got rid of? What is primary-expression anyway? Thanks for any hint!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    It's : Segment(str). That's a call to the base class constructor, so you should pass it the variables it needs.

    On a side note, you should rather use const references when passing QString around like that, this will minimise the number of copies.

  • @SGaist
    Thank you! This is the reason. I've ignored it.
    Where should I insert const to do that as you suggested? Thanks!

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    Unh(constr QString& str)

    By the way, you should make that constructor explicit, otherwise you might encounter funky stuff due to implicit conversion.

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