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QDomDocument toString() producing different results

  • Hi everyone.

    So situation is:


    producing different results.
    This happens cause of QHash now have random seeding (against hash attacks).

    Problem is - we generate sign based on xml-string produced by toString() , so when we check sign we got sign mismatch because of different strings.

    Possible solutions like


    is not solution because it works only at same machine but not work on different machines.

    So is there are way produce identical xml-strings on different PCs?

  • The only possibility I see is to find-and-replace QHash with QMap inside QDomDocument sources and re-compile Qt. This would also have licensing implications though

  • @VRonin said in QDomDocument toString() producing different results:

    This would also have licensing implications though

    Thanks for idea, i think we can build our own QDom* classes and make lib for application.
    Also possible solution is canonical serializer, that will save xml in right way, but both solutions require much more code than .toString() :)

    This link demonstrate canonical serializer

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