Installation error: could not find QmakeOutputInstallerKey

  • Hi all, I am trying to install Qt 5.11.1 on a Windows 10 machine. I had 2 errors earlier in the process, but hitting "retry" seemed to work. This one won't go away with "retry", however. The full text of the error is:

    Error during installation process (qt.qt5.1111.qtcharts.win32_msvc2015): Could not find the needed QmakeOutputInstallerKey(qt.qt5.1111.win32_msvc2015_qmakeoutput) value on the installer object. The ConsumeOutput operation on the valid qmake needs to be called first.

    Any ideas?

  • well, I have made some progress. I tried installing to a different path, and the installation finished with no errors. So I guess the problem may have been related to permissions.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Where did you try to install it when you had the problem ?

  • I am also seeing lots of similar errors when installing qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.11.2.exe on latest Windows 10 in a non-standard location. I'll see what happens on the default location.

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