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Is there any method to define a variable in QSS file?

  • As the topic, how to define a variable in qss.
    just like #define FONT_SIZE 16px

  • @brucezcg
    Nope (nor in CSS) :( .

    You won't like this, but I have faced this problem. I do my work direct from Qt widgets, no QML/Qt Quick, so I don't know whether this is useful/applicable to you or not. I actually "pre-process" my QSS stylesheet file(s), before handing them off to QtWidgets.QApplication.instance().setStyleSheet(css) in code. So for example example my primary QSS file starts with:

    /* Set the base font size for all widgets */
    * {
        font-size: <FONT_SIZE>pt;

    and my code, having read the file content into css variable, is like:

        # substitute all "<FONT_SIZE>" with the actual font size wanted
        fontSize = Settings.current().getDefaultFontSize()
        css = css.replace("<FONT_SIZE>", fontSize)
        biggerFontSize = Settings.current().getDefaultBiggerFontSize()
        css = css.replace("<BIGGER_FONT_SIZE>", biggerFontSize)

  • @JonB Thanks, Let me try.

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