Qt Creator 4.7 features missing

  • Hello guys,

    either I'm too stupid or some features are missing in the new Qt Creator 4.7.
    I am using Qt with Windows 10.


    1. A colleague of mine downgrade from 4.7 to 4.6.2 because the new on-the-fly code analysis is very slow on his pc. Now in the 4.6.2 creator, running the debugger does not display any variables in the debug info area "local variables". Every variable displays "<not accessible>".

    2. As you can see on the following screenshots, enum values were displayed correctly with their name ("Detect_Correlation") and value ("0") with creator 4.6.2. But not in 4.7. Where is this nice feature gone? I didn't change anything in the view settings.


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    Hi @stvokr,

    not a direct solution: You can disable the Clang Code Model in Creator 4.7 in Help > About Plugins > Clang Code Model.

    I think it would nevertheless be interesting to know why it is very slow on his PC. Is the PC very old, has few cores or RAM?

    Or are you using header files that Clang can not interpret correctly?


  • As a matter of fact, he has few cores...

  • Ok, disabling the plugin helps.

    But what about the missing enum-name-and-value-while-debugging-feature?

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    Maybe we get some insight from the debugger log: Windows > Views > Debugger Log


  • I found nothing in the log that could help.

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    I found nothing in the log that could help.

    Was that comment for (1) or for (2)?

    Anyway, (2) works for me with Creator 4.7.0 / Windows 7 x64 / MinGW 5.3.0 / GDB 7.10 with a simple enum E { a, b, c };.

    Please provide a minimal example so we can reproduce your problem.


    Edit: Ah, I can reproduce with MSVC / CDB. Will create a bugreport.

    Edit: Report is here: QTCREATORBUG-20934

  • Thanks and solved.

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    @stvokr: Bug (2) is already fixed in the 4.7.1 snapshot of today :)


  • Hi @stvokr,

    I found a solution for (1).

    You need to disable the following checkbox:
    Settings -> Debugger -> CDB -> "Use Python Dumper".

    After this setting was disabled, my variables are accessible.

    I am using QtCreator 4.7, Qt 4.8.1 for VS2008 and cdb.

    Hope this helps!

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