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QTableView makes a mistake on Qtime

  • Hi.
    I have a problem when I try to show The total time in a field of QTableView.
    total time is 08:24

    //your code here
    ```modelRecord->setData(modelRecord->index(c,1),entry.toString("hh:mm")); // is 08:25
    if(ui->lineEdit->text().isEmpty()) ui->lineEdit->setText(entry.toString("hh:mm"));// is 08:24

    I am using the native classes of Qt

  • Hello,

    I'm afraid you've got to show some more context here. It's very difficult to even have an idea of what you're going for here.

    Think about what you want, think about what is stopping you, & post the related code.


  • I am using QTableView to show a DataBase table via model and one of the table columns has a timestamp. But that column doesn't show the same data as it was stored in The DataBase:
    for example
    my column timestamp in The database stored is 2018-06-01 08:24:06.35
    but the table column of QTableView is 2018-06-01T08:25:05

    //my code here
    ```modelRecord = new QStandardItemModel;

  • @paes
    QTableView just displays what is in your data model. You are storing a string, so QTableView is hardly going to be changing the value to some other second, so something else is going on here, e.g. the database is not storing the value you think it is.

    Try something like (you may have to adjust for the QVariant returned by modelRecord->data(), I don't know):

    CString ds = recordAtt.value("_date").toDateTime().toString(Qt::ISODate));
    qDebug() << ds;
    modelRecord->setData(modelRecord->index(c,1), ds);
    ds = modelRecord->data(modelRecord->index(c,1));
    qDebug() << ds;
    // You *may* need to refresh the model from the database here after `submit()`
    // You say your data goes to a "database"
    // but you are using `QStandardItemModel` so I don't know how you're doing that
    // Assuming your `submit()` does update the database, you could also look there
    // to see what it has *actually* stored for the value
    ds = modelRecord->data(modelRecord->index(c,1));
    qDebug() << ds;

  • @JonB @devDawg
    I am not sending data to the database, but I am sending data to TableView via QStandardItemModel and QSqlRelationalTableModel; however, I am adding some columns that my model doesn't have:

    modelAttendace = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(this);   modelAttendace->setRelation(modelAttendace->fieldIndex("id_pers"),QSqlRelation("peopleac","id","lastname"));
    headers << "Hr. Timein"<< "Hr. Timeout" << "Hrs. Worked" << "Hrs. Delay" << "Day" << "Date"<< "Event";
        modelRecord = new QStandardItemModel;
     modelAttendace->setFilter(QString("_date >='%1' and _date <= '%2' and id_pers = %3 order by id_pers, _date, _inside")
    QSqlRecord recordAtt = modelAttendace->record(i);
    QVariant ds = recordAtt.value("_date");
       qDebug()<< "after : "<< ds; //after: QVariant(QDateTime, QDateTime(2018-06-01 08:24:06.351
    ds = modelRecord->data(modelRecord->index(c,1));
      qDebug()<< "before : "<< ds;//before: QVariant(QDateTime, QDateTime(2018-06-01 08:24:06.351
    ds = modelRecord->data(modelRecord->index(c,1));//2018-06-01T08:24:06
      qDebug()<<"after submit "<< ds; //after submit  QVariant(QDateTime, QDateTime(2018-06-01 08:24:06.351

    Sorry for what I explained, the mistake that I pointed out is not on QStandardItemModel so that it's on TableView gui!

    I tried QTreeView and QTableView
    "Hrs. Delay"  - "Day" -             "Date"                        
       ----          ----      01/06/2018 08:25 // A. M.

  • @paes
    Rather different from the original code you presented... In particular, you're not passing around strings, which your original code showed you were...

    Purely at a guess, it's a minute-rounding issue? You could have told us this: is the displayed value always the next minute rounded up from the value you actually store? If so, you need to look at the default way a QVariant(QDateTime)) is converted to a string during QTableView, it probably just does some kind of standard "toString()" on the result of modelRecord->data(index, Qt::DisplayRole), and you may have to override that to return the string representation of the datetime which you actually desire. E.g. gives you some thoughts. Or you can go down the QStyledItemDelegate route.

  • @JonB
    Yes, it's a minute-rounding issue!.

    QString ds = recordAtt.value("_date").toDateTime().toString(Qt::ISODate));
    qDebug() << ds; // 2018-06-01 08:24:06.351

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