Tryin to build QT Creator 4.7 on Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Hello,
    QT 5.11 compiled and installed fine using MSVS 2017. When trying to compile QT Creator I run into this issue:

    This appears to be know for quite some time and still unfixed ? or did I miss anything ? I could not find anything else on this proble when googling or using the search function in the forum.

    Does anyone know how to correctoy fix this . Maybe I should mention that I removed following directories from QT 5.11 prior to compiling:

    compile options are :
    E:\qt-everywhere-src-5.11.1\configure.bat -static -release -no-opengl -platform win32-msvc -opensource -confirm-license -nomake examples -nomake tools -nomake tests -prefix d:\qt\qt5.11

    Kind Regards,


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    @Crashdog Is there a reason you're trying to compile QtCreator by yourself instead of using pre built Windows version?

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    And why do you want to build it static?

  • The main reason is that it's difficult to download exe files in the organization that I work for. Every exe needs to be approved prior to download. Since the source is delivered as zip file it's easier to get.

    The static compile is not really a must for QT Creator. I just kept the settings that I use to compile QT. Since I need to statically link the QT libraries in my programs.



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    IIRC, the QBS plugin is still optional and not build if the QBS submodule is not checked out. So maybe you could build Creator without QBS support, if that is okay for you.

  • @aha_1980 can you give me a hint on how to remove QBS for the build ? The does not go into that and I could not find any hints elsewhere... suggests not to check it out from git. But since I downloaded the zip file it appers to be integrated.



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    I have not tried, but I think deleting the qbs subdirectory should be enough.

  • by renaming to something else it's ignored... however I had so many followup errors that I gave up. Set it to solved though.

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