N9, mapsdemo, offline mode

  • Hello,

    I was wondering is it possible to run mapsdemo example (http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/qt-mobility/trees/master/examples/mapsdemo) on N9 in offline mode ?

    Otherwise it connects to network and apparently tries to download something huge:

    MosManager: opening network connection.
    Opening network session
    MosManager: model is online.
    MosManager: querying current map version.
    Connection status: "Connected"
    on_query_current_map_version_end, err: 1
    MosManager: current map version 4294967295.4294967295.4294967295.4294967295 is not compatible. Running update.

  • The error message you posted says it all - the map data on your device is formatted according to an older version than the plugin can handle, so it's trying to update the data.

    If you can update the map via the Map application while your device is hooked up to a computer it might save you some data charges. It should just be a one off thing and after that the offline mapping should work fine.

  • Okey, sounds promising. Data charges in not a problem - Phone is hooked up to a computer, but anyways because there is no progress bar or anything, how much data aprox. we are talking about? Thanks.

  • Unfortunately I've got no idea.

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