Dynamic translation of Hindi and Gujarati languages, support for Qt5 on i.MX6 (Yocto Linux 4.1.15)

  • Hi,
    As part of our project , we need to translate English to Hindi/Gujarati in our QT Application. We are able to translate some predefined words using Qt Linguist application and it's working fine. But we need to translate(English to Hindi/Gujarati ) data that is entered by the user just like their names . Is it possible?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you in advance,

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    @PREMjTH-T That is not possible with Qt.

  • Hi @PREMjTH-T ,

    As specified by @jsulm ,cannot be happening, the dynamic contents cannot be translated.
    Only the words present generated through Qt linguist and added through .ts file and present in .qm files will be available in Apps.

    Thanks ,

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