Saving Calendar dates to Firebase

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm developing an application where users held into groups/subgroups are able log in and use a single calendar for their subgroup, able to view each others days and book days of their own, I am able to register users and add details such as name ect using the setUserValue, but am really struggling to save their selected dates to my firebase database. I have been advised else where to use the below format, but am really struggling to make it work, if anyone could give me a hand with this i'd be so thankful!!!!

          property var userData: {
        "selectedDates": [
              { "date": "utc-timestamp", "details": "meeting xy" },
              { "date": "utc-timestamp", "details": "another event" }
      AppButton {
        text: "Add date"
        anchors.centerIn: parent
        onClicked: {
          userData.selectedDates.push({ "date": "utc-timestamp-of-chosen-date", "details": "some info" });

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