How to send xmlFile to a webService

  • hi.

    I should send a file using sockets to a webService

    I know webservice address ( http://192.~..~//.asmx )

    I input ip address http://192.~..~//.asmx
    but, not Found Host error


    my socket's connectToHost ip address = (192.~..~ ) and port 80
    and connected success.

    i send my xmlFile after connecting

    but , no response coming....

    I checked the test between my computers.

    what is the problem..?

  • @kwanyoung
    From the information you have given no-one can possibly say what is wrong.

    If you get a "not Found Host error" that usually indicated the IP address is wrong. It should not give that error on wrong port number (rather "Connection refused"), but who knows....

    You can only send your file after a successful connection.

    You do not send something like a file directly to an address ending in webservice.asmx, rather that should have a method name at the end, like webservice.asmx/MethodName. The .asmx offers one of more methods, you need to call the right one.

    Start by using your web browser to go to http://192.168.x.y/.../webservice.asmx. If all is well this will display a page of information on the webservice and show you each of the methods it supports, where you can click on them to see what they look like. Find the desired method and take it from there.

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