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Some text is parsed always when inserting a code block

  • Hi to all,

    I have seen that inserting some words in a piece of code these are interpreted anyway.

    The text pubDate when is written in in a code block between '<' and '>' disappear. The same happens in the non-code block but in this case I suppose it maybe acceptable depending that it is interpreted as a sort of special keyword. In the code below there is an example.
    The text with spaces to see the code
    < pubDate >
    some stuff

    And the following line can be viewed only re-editing the post: it contains the same code without spaces
    <pubDate> --- The hidden element
    some stuff

    Some ideas? I think that regardless that I don't know all the special words of the editor (if needed there is a documentation) when I insert a block of code I expect that anything wrtitten there will be shown. In this case the < pubDate > was a piece of xml file.

  • Hi

    I see if I click on preview then "<pubDate>" is gone while it shows in forum post and reply you can see it above.

    I am looking in preview mode stuffs.

  • Hi Gurudutt,

    Now I see the <pubDate> in the post. When I wrote it <pubDate> was hidden. Me too, now it is hide in the preview. I try to save this post.

  • Yes, very strange :)

    Now happens exactly the opposite. Or is possible that I was concerned of my preview? I think no, because I noted this error just when after posting a piece of code in some thread I saw that it was disappeared, in both preview and save post. Now it is best, at least the post shows what we want.

    What can it be ?

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