List of custom widgets in QtCreator

  • Hey Guys,

    So my question is:

    I am trying to create a custom widget(small example: a widget with 3 labels), but for each widget, I would change the text on the 3 labels.

    And then I would like to insert into a list of widgets.

    I tried alot this, but I can’t find a proper tutorial or something.

    If you guys could help me would be so much awesome!

    Thank you!

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    First Question is :
    do you want to create a real custom widget for using in Designer ?
    This requires/have some rules about compiler used.

    Or do mean just to create a reusable setup of some widget and be able to reuse them in
    other projects ? It would not need to add new properties from the custom widget
    as all properties comes from default QWidgets ?
    This one is super easy,
    Just create the widget how u want it in Designer and simple select it and drag to the widget list
    It will be listed under scratchpad in the list.

    option 3 is
    You create a custom widget and use promotion feature of Creator
    This is basically like
    add a qwidget to the form.
    Right click and select promote
    tell it class name of the customWidget
    tell it .h where to find this class
    click Add and then Promote
    When you then run app. the Qwidget is now your custom widget.
    Think of it as placeholder feature. U add normal QWidget but when run its your
    custom Widget.
    This allows to use in Design mode but you cannot have editable properties
    directly in Designer.

    Ah update
    My clever friend Luca made me realize i read your question all wrong.
    If u want a list of widgets with 3 labels, you should look into
    QListview and delegates
    since labes are just text you might not even need a delegate so a
    ListView/LstWidget should just do it for u.
    if u want each cell to have like 3 texts, then delegate is needed.
    see here for delegate

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