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QChartView does not draw multiple curves

  • class FCurveView : public QChartView
        explicit FCurveView( QWidget * parent = nullptr, const QString & legend_name = QString( "" ) );
        virtual ~FCurveView();
        void addData( const float x, const float y, const unsigned idx = 0 );    
        void addLineSeries( const QColor & color, const QString & legend_name = QString( "" ) );
        void addLogYData( const float x, const float y, const unsigned idx = 0 );
        void clear();
        void setCurveTitle( const QString title );
        void setTitleText( const QString title_x, const QString title_y );
        void setXRanges( const float min_x, const float max_x );
        void setYRanges( const float min_y, const float max_y );
        std::vector< QLineSeries * > m_vecLineSeries;
    FCurveView::FCurveView( QWidget * parent,  const QString & legend_name )
        : QChartView( new QChart(), parent )
        setRenderHint( QPainter::Antialiasing );
        addLineSeries( Qt::red, legend_name );
        chart()->axisX()->setTitleText( QString( "X" ) );
        chart()->axisY()->setTitleText( QString( "Y" )  );
        chart()->legend()->setVisible( true );
        chart()->legend()->setAlignment( Qt::AlignRight );
    void FCurveView::addData( const float x, const float y, const unsigned idx )
        m_vecLineSeries[ idx ]->append( x, y );
    void FCurveView::addLineSeries( const QColor & color, const QString & legend_name )
        QLineSeries * line_series = new QLineSeries();
        line_series->setName( legend_name );
        line_series->setPen( QPen( color, 1, Qt::SolidLine ) );
        chart()->addSeries( line_series );
        m_vecLineSeries.push_back( line_series );

    5 sets of data are dynamically generated and fed into the curveview class. Only the first curve is drawn. I can see all 5 legends and the first curve. Why do not the other four curves show up? These sets of data are in the similar range. Any comments?

  • No comments?

  • Can you show us how you call FCurveView::addData?

  • I feel like I ran into a similar issue awhile back but it has been awhile.

    Try adding an axis to your series that comes from the chart so they all have the same axis. One for x-dir and y-dir.

  • @MrShawn You made my day, Shawn. Many thanks.

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