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Help :) Compile the transplant QGroundControl(QGC) into Ubuntu

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to compile and transplant QGC into a Ubuntu X86 Platform.

    Used source code on GitHub: (branch3.2.4)
    Used QT version is 5.7.1,

    After the compiling, the video streaming function was totally missing on the QGC interface, it suppose to have a window in the left bottom section to display video, if no video source, it at least should display(waiting for video source),

    How can i find out the cause of the issue? change another QT version? or use another QGC branch?

    I have someone told me to use the multimedia tool in QT to test the QT it self first.

    Thanks all

  • @OceanEco-BJ you may need to check the build steps from QGC documentation.
    In particular given the issue you're experiencing, see the video streaming build instructions.

    Used QT version is 5.7.1

    Please keep in mind that QGC imposes restrictions to what Qt version you need to used at a certain time, i.e. for latest QGC source code only Qt 5.11.0 can be used.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    We actually have the video section appear now on our X86 Ubuntu platform with all the video source setting available. But i have not tested it with a feeding video source, i will go check it out.

    We looked at this file:

    And we did this: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0*;that is how we fix the issue.

    I am not quiet sure if i have to switch to QT 5.11.0 or no, i will test the QGC overall.

    And we have another arm platform with modified version of Ubuntu, same method above does not work at all.

    We need more study on this issue .

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