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UniformAnimator does not work under item `layer.effect`

  • i am applying custom ShaderEffect to item layer, and there is a time animator in my effect. The time seems keeping the same value. The full project is here

    Rectangle {
            id: rect
            width: root.width
            height: root.height
            color: "pink"
            visible: true
            layer.enabled: true
            layer.effect: ShaderEffect {
                id: effect
                width: background.width
                height: background.height
                property real time: 0
                UniformAnimator on time {
                    from: 0.0
                    to: 1.0
                    duration: 0
                    running: true
                    loops: Animation.Infinite
                vertexShader: "#version 410
                                uniform highp mat4 qt_Matrix;
                                in highp vec4 qt_Vertex;
                                in highp vec2 qt_MultiTexCoord0;
                                out highp vec2 coord;
                                void main() {
                                    coord = qt_MultiTexCoord0;
                                    gl_Position = qt_Matrix * qt_Vertex;
                fragmentShader: "#version 410
                                in highp vec2 coord;
                                uniform highp float time;
                                uniform sampler2D source;
                                uniform lowp float qt_Opacity;
                                out lowp vec4 outColor;
                                void main() {
                                    lowp vec4 tex = texture(source, coord);
                                    lowp float alpha;
                                    if ( coord.x > time )
                                        outColor = vec4(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
                                        outColor = tex * qt_Opacity;

  • the dutation should not be zero. fixed!

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