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    watching this excellent presentation about "Effective Qml " from Thomas McGuire (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-index.html)...the tip #6 is about reading Qt Quick documentation. I really think is a great tip. I did read some parts but not all of them and normally while trying to do something specific...so probably just focus in the problem at this time.

    So I think I need to have a look to all of these articles. But is not easy to do it in from of a computer...so I would like to move them to my eReader. Is there a way to get the documentation in a format that I can populate to my eReader?



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    The QtDocs are generated using QDoc (delivered with Qt).
    QDoc supports HTML and DITA-XML output.

    So you could try to run QDoc on the Qt sources and produce DITA-XML. Then convert the DITA-XML to PDF/ePub with a 3rd party tool.

    Never done that, just an idea.
    But i wouldnt expect it as an easy task.

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    You could also go and grab a copy of "Acrobat Pro DC Free Trial"
    (you just need an adobe ID, but its fast to make. works for 7 days.)
    and let it download the pages and make pdf for you. Its pretty good at that.
    make sure to check Capture Multiple Levels
    and Stay On Same Path and Stay On Same Server
    so it does not try to download whole site :) ( and it would )

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