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Qt 5.7 BLE Pairing

  • How to use BLE with pairing [4 pin] in Qt 5.7
    I'm using it with am335x based board with cc2654moda module.
    I'm able to advertise it using Heart-rate example but unable do pairing.
    Can you provide me method to pair BLE with blueZ.

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    @jigarp does it work with my example app ? https://github.com/ekke/ekkesBTLEexample
    but I'm only using it on Android and iOS, so don't know if it is helpful.
    BTW: from discussion on Interest mailing list I know, that on Windows10 devices must be manually paired

  • @ekkescorner
    It's not showing in your app.
    I'm using BLE Scanner where it is connecteble & i can see all my services.

    While trying to pair Linux shows Following Error.
    Bluetooth: SMP security requested but not available .

    Searched on web there are many people who has the same problem but no solution.
    I'm using blueZ 5.41 with Qt 5.7

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