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Qt 3D & Testing developer for futuristic audio company in Berlin, Germany

  • We are a young company located in Berlin working on future of sound.

    We are currently looking for highly talented developers with good working experience with Qt 3D, QML and OpenGL technologies.


    - Have gained significant practical experience in UI / UX design, ideally in the professional audio industry
    - Are experienced in C++ Programming
    - Know 3D real-time rendering
    - Feel at home with the Qt Framework (QtQuick/QML, Qt3D) and OpenGL
    - Like to take responsibility and work independently
    - Are an over-achiever and never satisfied with the easy results
    - Accomplished a university degree in a relevant field
    - Are interested in and/or familiar with audio systems and music production workflows
    - Are smart, a nice person and a team player

    We are also looking for Software and Testing Developer


    - Are a smart C++ developer with practical experience
    - Are experienced with CI, scripting and automated tests (e.g. Google-Test, Jenkins, Squish GUI)
    - Have good knowledge of networking and sockets programming
    - Write clean, high quality, maintainable and bug-less code
    - Have worked with repository tools and are familiar with project tracking and agile tools
    - Like new challenges and are passionate about taking a deep dive into complex topics
    - Are interested in audio systems and music production workflow, ideally, some knowledge about signal (audio) processing
    - Are familiar with embedded Linux development
    - Are a team player

    Please share your CV/Resume with with me at arun_pk@outlook.com .

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