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Building Qt without a windowing system

  • We have a custom Wayland solution using a custom shell & backend. As Qt currently only supports standard shells, I have the below queries

    1. Can we build Qt such that it does not use any windowing system i.e. neither X11 nor wayland so that rendering can be purely based on egl and opengl. Is this supported?

    2. In order to build Qt without X11 and Wayland I am using the following Configure command : :./configure -opensource -confirm-license -no-xcb -eglfs -opengl es2
      Is this command/config options are correct for the aforesaid requirement?

    3. Configuring with these options,whether we will be able to use touch or keypress events for available Qt controls, also will QtWebengine will be able to render a HTML page just using OpenGL and EGL?

    4. I see that when I render using EGLFS backend, a surface occupying the whole Desktop screen is created, I need to have a specific region 400X400 created as a surface for rendering content using Qt, whereas in remaining region rendering will not be done using Qt Is this possible?

    5. In case we have to port Qt to use our custom shell, can someone please share pointers on how to do these i.e. what are the possible code changes that are required.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1. Yes
    2. Looks good
    3. That's the role of the input plugins
    4. You need to give more information about your system
    5. You can check the QtWayland module for example, and generally speaking the QPA modules.

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