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OpenGL Accelerated Series work only from Qt Creator

  • My system is: Windows 7, with Qt 5.11.1, QtCreator 4.7, MinGW 5.3

    I'm displaying many LineSeries (depending on the configuration from 1 to 21) on a QChart, with new points every ~20ms.

    For performance reasons I need to use OpenGL acceleration, which I can set by:


    If I start the compiled program from QtCreator (Ctrl+R) it works correctly, since the "graphic" of the points changes, and the performance is increased.

    If I run the compiled exe from windows, it does not.

    Assuming a DLL is missing (even tho', I get no errors whatsoever) I copied:


    But nothing has changed, the performance is low and the graphic is the "common one".

    Do you have any idea on what I am doing wrong?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How are you doing the deployment ?
    Did you already check windeployqt ?

  • @SGaist Thank you for your answer.
    I did not know windeployqt, I had found many people suggesting using Dependency Walker and that's what I did :).

    Anyway, I've just run it, it copied a bunch of stuff and created directories in the exe folder.

    BUT, sadly the problem is still there.

    Maybe Qt Creator sets some enviromental variables?

  • Ok, following my last post I solved the issue.

    Qt Creator sets in the environment variables:

    QT_OPENGL = angle

    which was not set automatically in Windows.

    I simply tried

    set QT_OPENGL = angle

    in the console, and then I run the program (from the console). Now it works correctly.

    I believe Qt should implement some notification if setUseOpenGL fails for some reason tho' :-)


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