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PositionSource / locationDisplay on Win 7 Rugged Tablet

  • Hello, I am trying to support a "find my location" feature for our users, on a Windows 7 ruggedized tablet with embedded GPS. Please see the following for specs...

    On mac and iOS all is fine. When I run on this Win device I get output like....
    Non-satellite-based methods are supported.
    currentPoint.x:NaN, currentPoint.y:NaN

    As you can see it "seems" as though everything is fine until I try looking at X/Y and it comes back with NaN. I did see on this Qt Positioning documentation that only serial port with NMEA sentences is supported for Windows...

    So I did start researching that and found this online about using SerialPortNmea....

    When I try name:"SerialPortNmea" and run on this Win tablet I get...
    Satellite-based positioning methods such as GPS are supported
    currentPoint.x:NaN, currentPoint.y:NaN

    So as you can see, I am unable to get the location either way. Totally baffled!

    Is positioning not supported on Win 7 based tablets with embedded GPS?

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