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How to write audio data while playing sound?

  • I want to append data to the existing buffer so that the sound comes out continuously .
    so I tried QIODevice::ReadWrite of Qbuffer's openmode but I do not hear anything.(If QIODevice::ReadOnly is work well.)

    QByteArray part;;;

    void Widget::appendData()

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    What is that buffer ?
    Where do you create it ?
    What version of Qt are you using ?
    What platform are you running Qt on ?

  • buffer is QBuffer. version 5.11.1 and windows10.
    I just want to append data in the sound buffer while the sound is playing. Like streaming.

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    Are you checking the state of the audioOutput object for errors ?

    On a related note, why not pass inputFile to audioOutput->start rather than passing through a buffer ?

  • Since audioOutput returns ActiveState, it seems to be no problem.
    The reason I do not use inputfile(QFile) is to decode and play the file directly using libav(ffmpeg).

  • I solve it by using QDataStream. Thanks.

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    HI @name101

    glad you solved it. So please mark this topic as SOLVED too. Thanks

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