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Member list pages are not always filled

  • This is for sure a minor problem, but I think maybe useful to notify if anyone has not yet saw.

    Showing a memeber list somewhere (i.e. groups) on more than one page, what you expect is n-1 pages full + the remaning icons on the last (even incomplete) page.

    What I see is that the lists are always incomplete pages: one or two elements are not shown on every page. If it is only a visualization problem I think it doesn't matter: just to be sure that is not a problem in the search engine loosing some element building the list. I suppose it is a sort of filter called clicking on "members" tab.

  • Hi Alicemirror,

    I will take a look at it and will get back soon.

  • Thank you Gurudutt

  • Hi

    Number of member list is correct and it shows 20 members on each page.

    The only problem is I see css and presentation of all member and no white space .. that should be fixed after next deployment.

  • Thank you for the immediate repaly.

    Cheers. :)

  • Hi

    This issue is fixed now,

    Please take a look and give your feedback

    Thank you for reporting this.

  • Thanks, Gurudutt

    It works fine. Nice the options for ban, promote etc at the bottom of memeber. It's a good controlpane for the group owners :)

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