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Tab order of QTableWidget after editing a cell

  • I've got a QTableWidget with 4 columns and many rows in which only several are visible (and the rest can be viewed scrolling down). Each cell is set with setCellWidget() with a QDoubleSpinBox.

    The tab order works as expected initially (In order of cell creation, default order). When I enter or edit a cell anywhere in the list of cells though, the tab order picks up from the last tabbed cell rather than from the cell in which I entered/edited. I would like the tab order to be reset to wherever currently entered.

    • I can accomplish this when setting QTableWidget's setTabKeyNavigation() to false. The issue here is once I tab into a cell out visible range the scrollbar doesn't automatically scroll down.

    • I tried using QLineEdit instead of QDoubleSpinBox but it doesn't matter, same result.

    • I've tried setting the setTabOrder() for each QDoubleSpinBox but does not work.

    • Signals cellPressed(), cellClicked(), itemPressed(), itemClicked() don't work but currentCellChanged() does.

    Any suggestions on approach to resolve here?

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    Why are you using setCellWidget and not a QDoubleSpinBox based QStyledItemDelegate ?

  • Because I wanted to make all cells editable at once rather than having createEditor() in the delegate called only when double clicking a cell and the remaining cells be read-only.

    Is it possible to do this with QStyledItemDelegate? I have the basic example (from working but I need all spinboxes to be editable at once.

  • Alternatively, I could replace the double click with just a single click cell selection to show spinbox ... this would suffice as tabbing would then create the next spinbox. suggests doing this on mousepressevent. Would this be your suggestion as well?

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