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Qt project deployment on rpi 3 board

  • I am done with cross compiling Qt 5.10.1 for rpi 3 board and took me nearly 7-8 days. now everything is set and when i tried to run the deployed project on rpi3 :
    The error popped out:
    relocation error: ./hello: symbol _ZTVN10_cxxabiv120_si_class_type_infoE, version Qt_5 not defined in file libQt5core.so.5 with link time reference.

    i have used follwing website for cross compilation

    this may be issue of old version libraries on rpi as i haev downloaded qt4-x11 on rpi as per this tutorial. am i correct ??? please help me, if anybody having any idea??

  • @hem1

    Within Qt forum there is no need to post in different fora the same thread.

    Please avoid duplication and continue the discussion there. Moderators may move your thread to a differnet forum when requiired.

    Closing this thread.

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