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Opening a .pro in Qt Creator 4.7

  • Hi,

    I am trying to open the Qt Creator .pro file in QTC 4.7, and all it is doing is opening the file in the text editor. Am I missing the point should it not be opening the project if I do this?


    On the Welcome screen
    File->Open File or Project
    Browse to
    File opens in editor



  • @bbennetts

    Do you have Qt creator source installed?

    Do you have a Qt version installed?
    Try to open a .pro file from the examples.

  • hi @koahnig ,

    Thanks for the reply. I am running a downloaded version of QTC 4.7, I have Qt 5.11 installed in ~/Qt/5.11.0. If I browse to ~/Development/qt-creator/doc/examples/textfinder/ I see the same behaviour (i.e. it opens the file in the text editor). If I select an example from within the QTC gui I get a error box containing :

    "Failed opening project "/home/bryan/Qt/Examples/Qt-5.11.0/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/": No plugin can open project type "text/plain".

    Obviously I have done something wrong, but cannot see what.

    Cheers, Bryan.

  • Actually I have just realised that I am running the QTC in ~/Qt/Tools (which I am guessing came with the 5.11 d/l)


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