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Missing menu bar, incorrect selection and other weird behavior

  • I am building and running an existing app for the first time on my Windows 10 Dell XPS laptop with a high-dpi display. The same app has been running perfectly fine under OS X, Ubuntu and my desktop Windows 10 PC that also has a high-dpi display. When running the app on my laptop, I see the following weird behavior:

    1. The menu bar does not show up - it's either missing or clipped out
    2. Some of the text labels that are typically shows at the edge of main window (e.g., as part of a Status Bar widget at the bottom of the window) are only partially seen - half of the text is clipped
    3. When interacting with various widgets, they seem to act as if I clicking slightly offset to the left and the top of where I am actually clicking. I see this behavior with say q QTreeWidget where when I click on an item in the tree, the item above it gets selected. Also, when I try to click on a tab in a tab widget, the neighboring tab gets selected. Finally, if I try to click on any of the resize handles for various widgets, I have to click to the right-bottom of the actual handle in order to move the handle.

    What could be causing this? The exact same binaries work perfectly fine on my desktop PC which has more or less an identical install of what I have on my laptop. My main suspect is something to do with the display/dpi/scaling settings.

    Has anyone seen this?


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    @ibkv What Qt version are you using?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jsulm Was originally using 5.9.x but then upgraded to latest (5.11.1) - same behavior.

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