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Qt for Mobile e-book and video training

  • Hello,

    I want to learn is there any source book for qt ios and android development, i search yesterday for books and video training like udemy, there is nothing collected. some information about in qt website but i think they are not ok for me.

    Do you know any information about it. where can i buy training or book?
    can you give me advice?


  • @kybernetes not an e-book per se, but you may find interesting this blog post + video from Ekkehard Gentz, author of the QtCon 2016 Conference App

  • Qt Champions 2016

    @Pablo-J.-Rogina writing a book and doing some videos is on my ToDo - but too much work on customer projects...

  • @ekkescorner

    too much work on customer projects

    Maybe treating the book/videos as a customer project will allow you to find the proper time slot :-) Although it may not pay the same...

    Anyway, I guess you're a perfect author for this topic given your background regarding mobile applications.


  • @Pablo-J.-Rogina "Maybe treating the book/videos as a customer project will allow you to find the proper time slot :-) " that is the best solution i have ever heard :)

    I think this is a requirement, no book, no udemy. and i tell you i am newbee, someone will make a udemy training and will get lots of money, but real important is that it will be a pioneer. i will be the first customer. so maybe we should make it a customer project.


  • Qt Champions 2016

    @kybernetes @Pablo-J-Rogina working as a freelancer customer projects always have 1st prio - someone has to pay the beer ;-)

    I'm always spending much unpaid time to support mobile app development with QtQuickControls2
    my next unpaid work will be:

    • finishing and publishing QML Camera Example App (Android, iOS)
    • preparing some videos about one of my customer apps to demo what can be done with QQC2
    • writing blog part 4 about Sharing on Android, ioS
    • developing Qt World Summit 2018 Conference Apps Boston, Berlin
    • writing blogs about conference apps

    so it will take some time before I can start the book project - perhaps I'll use the conference app as a starting point. we'll see

    @kybernetes I know it's not easy to start mobile app development with Qt as a newbee - not long ago I had to master the same and my experiences were the reason to start my blog series about mobile app development with Qt.
    BTW: you asked where to buy trainings - QtWorldSummit has a special training day. Training Day Boston Sessions already scheduled- also find here infos about Qt Training

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