Search the layout of a widget

  • I have a QWidget and I want to know its layout.
    I try this but it doesn't work.

    QVBoxLayout *layout = (QVBoxLayout *)widget->parentWidget()->layout();

    It's my window : black squares are layout, and two widgets separated by a splitter who contain them.
    I know the first widget and I want to know its layout: the big black square.
    Somebody know?

    Ps : Sorry if I post a lot of subject in the forum but I begin to learn Qt the last week.

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    Why do you want to know the layout of the parent of your widget ?

  • for remove this widget and apply another widget

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    Then you are doing it from the wrong place.

    Can you explain what exactly you want to achieve with your application ?

  • I have for beginning à QMainWindow.
    I apply to them à QWidget.
    At this QWidget, I apply a QVBoxLayout
    At this QVBoxLayout, I apply a QWidget named ContentPanel.
    What I Want is when my mouse is on a widget named ContentPanel, the layout of this widget remove this widget, I create another QWidget named ContentPanel, and I apply at those ContentPanel a QSplitter.
    I have now 2ContentPanel separated by a QSplitter
    If I selected the other QWidget named ContentPanel, it has to do the same.

    My program has to do this at infinite

    (Sorry for my English again ^^')

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    You want to add a new widget each time you hover over any of them ?

  • @SGaist Yes, separated by a QSplitter

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    Can you explain why ?

  • It's for my job, I'm student

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    I meant: why do you want to have new widgets created as soon as you hover over one of them ? Because it means that each time your mouse cursor goes over any of them there's a new one that's going to appear so it can very quickly becomes a mess.

  • I saw this post :
    I want to do like him, look at this picture :

    Evert box have to be separated by a splitter. But I don't know how to apply at one box two splitters... :/
    I know that I can apply container with QVBoxLayout and QWidget but I don't know how to do what I want with that

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    Ok, click is not the same as hover and definitely less dangerous in terms of accidental widget explosion. What will the "clicked widget" contain ?

  • Yes ^^
    The "clicked widget" is a class TabbedWindow
    But It's the same that QWidget.

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    Then you have to either implement an event filter to listen to the mouse press event on all of these widgets, or re-implement the mousePressEvent of your TabbedWindow and emit a signal that specify which region was clicked so you can connect to it and add new widgets appropriately.

  • I have already connect buttons and event but I don't know how create splitters between two tabbed window correctly

  • I have something but with some bugs too :/

    I have to save a configuration for example that :
    How can I do with QSettings for save all these data ? I have this :

        QSettings settings("settings.ini", QSettings::IniFormat);
        settings.setValue("MainWindow/geometry", window->saveGeometry());
        settings.setValue("MainWindow/state", window->saveState());
        settings.setValue("MainWindow/nbrTabbedWindow", tabbed.size());
        for (int i = 0; i < tabbed.size(); i += 1) {
            QString path = "MainWindow/TabbedWindow/" + QString::number(i);
            settings.setValue("splitter/geometry", tabbed[i]->splitter->saveGeometry());
            settings.setValue("splitter/state", tabbed[i]->splitter->saveState());
            settings.setValue("containerWidget/geometry", tabbed[i]->containerWidget->saveGeometry());
            settings.setValue("nbrWindows", tabbed[i]->windows.size());
            for (int j = 0; j < tabbed[i]->windows.size(); j += 1) {
                QString pathWindowGeo = "/windows" + QString::number(j) + "/geometry";
                QString pathWindowSta = "/windows" + QString::number(j) + "/state";
                QString pathContentTextGeo = "/contents" + QString::number(j) + "/text/geometry";
                QString pathContentTextTxt = "/contents" + QString::number(j) + "/text/text";
                QString pathContentWidgetGeo = "/contents" + QString::number(j) + "/widget/geometry";
                QString pathContentWidgetSty = "/contents" + QString::number(j) + "/widget/styleSheet";
                settings.setValue(pathWindowGeo.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->windows[j]->saveGeometry());
                settings.setValue(pathWindowSta.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->windows[j]->saveState());
                settings.setValue(pathContentTextGeo.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->contents[j]->text->saveGeometry());
                settings.setValue(pathContentTextTxt.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->contents[j]->text->text());
                settings.setValue(pathContentWidgetGeo.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->contents[j]->widget->saveGeometry());
                settings.setValue(pathContentWidgetSty.toStdString().c_str(), tabbed[i]->contents[j]->widget->styleSheet());

    But There are not other ways more simple?
    And with my method, I cannot for the moment save splitter's children

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