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Need help uninstalling Qt 4.6.3 for Mac, please!

  • Logitech tech support suggested I install it to make the latest version of their webcam software work on Leopard 10.5.8 (it crashes when starting their software). Qt didn't do anything except now there is no crash message. I want to uninstall Qt. Logitech tech support later told me their latest version plain won't work on Leopard (the second support agent knew nothing of Qt). If installing the latest version of Qt might work, I would be willing to try it.

    I know nothing about terminal commands. Although I found the uninstall script, followed instructions on an old message about typing 'sumo, etc.', and then it said password, but nothing would work after that. Can I just delete everything in the Developer folder? Will having Qt installed effect other programs I use?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Did Logitech specifically ask you to install Nokia's Qt Framework, or did they ask you to install Apple's QuickTime?

  • qt-mac-opensource-4.6.3.dmg

    This is the file name. They sent me a link to it.

    I tried deleting Qt by moving contents of Developer folder into the trash. Later I noticed another folder called 'Applications' was created, inside that was a folder called 'Qt', and inside that was a folder called 'plugins'. So apparently deleting contents of Developer folder does not remove/uninstall program completely. Unless Qt is, in some form, already on the Mac OS? I don't know. Thanks for help!

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